WRC Registration Form

General conditions and information

WRC Registration Form – 2019 - La Rochelle, France – September 12th to 15th

Before you go ahead and register please make sure that your team has been selected by your WRO representative to participate at WRC 2019 La Rochelle, France. Completion of this registration form indicates your acceptance of the following terms and conditions :

  • The last day for receipt of the completed registration form and documents is the 28th July 2019,
  • if you are entering both the Extrication and Trauma Challenges, you will need to pay entry fees for both challenges separately,
  • there are standard and reduced entry fees for the Extrication and Trauma challenges. The reduced entry fees are available for eligible teams that follow the criteria that has been set out by the WRO committee. As an explanatory, you will find below extracts from the WRC entry free task group report :
    "It was agreed that this was a practical step and using the GDP global index as a guideline indicating the top 50 countries would pay the standard entry fee while any countries below that threshold would be eligible for the reduced entry fee.
    Please see the link
    Those Countries who wish to avail of this reduction may apply to the host on the condition that these teams confirm their uptake of a position by making payment 4 months prior to the event. This will ensure that all positions can be filled. Any team/Country applying for the reduction must notify the Host and the WRO executive of their intention to apply. All Countries must apply on a stand-alone basis on their own merit."
  • the entry fees per team are (including entry to selected competition/s) :
    - Extrication challenge standard fees : €2000          - Extrication challenge reduced fees : €1800
    - Trauma challenge standard fees : €300          - Trauma challenge reduced fees : €200
  • the entry fees for each team will also include (maximum 6 team members) :
    6 opening ceremony tickets (price for extra ticket : €15),
    6 closing ceremony tickets (price for extra ticket : €30),
  • the swap night event will be charged €20/person (this event is not included in the entry fees, as it is organized in a friendly place but with no restaurant nearby. That is why we offer you to stay together to share a meal, and ask you to participate in the costs,
  • any additional tickets to events (for additional-team members and non-team members) will have to be paid with the registration fee (see events booking below). Please ensure that bookings for additional people to ticketed events (opening, closing ceremonies and swap night) are completed with the registration, as late bookings cannot be accepted due to planning considerations,
  • the entry fees will include transport arrangements, from Monday 9 September morning to Monday 16th September evening, only from La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Nantes airports or La Rochelle train station, to your hotel. All other transport arrangements are the responsibility of individuals and team organizations, please note that ALL attendees must confirm their travel details by 2nd August 2019 (please see below for further details and link to transport registration).
  • note that teams will be responsible for their own food and beverages during each day’s activities for the duration of the competition. There will be a number of food concessions around the venue throughout the event providing a variety of local and international food.

To ensure your registration is complete, please follow the following process

.1. Fill in this registration form. From this stage, you should know the exact number of persons who will attend every ticketed event, because you will have to pay all the fees before the challenge (no local payment for this purpose will be accepted).

.2. download, print, fill in and sign the “Authorization to compete” and “Insurance indemnity”, then send these forms back to our email address (email should be marked as “WRC2019 documents for registration” to assist us in the process) : wrc2019@sdis17.fr
- You will receive confirmation that the registration form has been received, within 2-3 working days from date of receipt.
- Pre-registration does not guarantee a place in the Challenges. Confirmation will only be forthcoming on full receipt of the team registration form and documents, and following consideration of the Challenge Committee. Teams will be informed of their entry via email within 10 working days from date of receipt. The banking information needed for you registration will be sent at the same time.

.3. Once you receive the confirmation of your team’s entry and have the amount of money calculated for the total costs (entry fees, extra tickets for opening and closing ceremony, tickets for swap night) you can proceed with the payment. Please mention “WRC2019” + your country + your team’s name in your money transfer. The last day for payment is the 2nd August 2019. You will receive a confirmation of payment in 10 working days from the date of receipt.


If you come by plane, please try to find a flight with an arrival at La Rochelle airport - Code LRH - Please consult our website page "transport"


Many hotels are located around the venue. You will find some of them, sorted by distance from the venue, in the website page “Accommodation”